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If you want to have your wealth managed by experienced asset managers, let us help you open an account with La Tresorerie. La Tresorerie is an independent wealth management firm that provides a wide variety of personalized services to its private clients, who are high-worth individuals from all over the world. They are one of the select financial institutions that are authorized to open accounts in the Dubai International Financial Center for their clients.

For its private individual clients, La Tresorerie will open accounts in their name of that of a company or trust, open numbered accounts, provide access to a variety of deposit banks and receive Swiss Private Banking standards. In addition, clients can trade a variety of financial instruments on an online trading platform that is available 24/7, including commodities, currencies, options, derivatives and bonds as well as being offered a booking center.

For independent asset managers and private banks, La Tresorerie provides an infrastructure that takes care of many routine tasks so they can focus on providing customer satisfaction and managing their portfolios. Services provided include financial planning, assistance in complying with government regulations, opening and maintaining custodial arrangements. Private banks can use La Tresorerie’s platform to service clients.

La Tresorerie offers its services on an open platform that allows clients and their advisors to select the investment vehicles they want and need, with the company only conducting a client suitability and compliance check for their guidance. Products include commodities, fixed income, derivatives and equities as well as other investment vehicles.

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