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If you want to start an account with one of the top international banks in the UAE, we can help you. Habib Bank AG Zurich was established in the country in 1974 and has developed long-term relationships with the local multi-cultural business community that its clients can benefit from. The bank prides itself on being able to provide the personalized relationships that its clients enjoy while still offering the whole range of financial services they want and need. In addition, HBZ is known for its technological innovations in the banking industry, which it started in 1994. Habib Bank currently has eight branches in the emirates of Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi and offers a wide range of commercial and other banking services.

Its various services include:

Business Banking. Habib Bank provides customized solutions that address each business’s particular requirements, although their expertise is in dealing with SMEs and owner-operated businesses.

Personal Banking. Since each person has his own financial needs and future goals, Habib Bank offers customers individualized products and services that cater to their specific requirements and help ensure their future.

Private Banking. For clients who are looking for investment help, Habib Bank provides assistance in finding the best opportunities based on their risk profile that will provide them with the maximum returns.

Financial Network. Habib Bank has developed a network of correspondent banks consisting of branches and subsidiaries that are spread across four continents that its clients can access. This provides them with a convenient one-stop shop for their international banking needs.

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