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Legal authorities worldwide have been gaining more access to privates’ and corporates’ banking information. Dubai Banking Advisors offers stable, secure and flexible environment with no funds transfer restrictions. Emerging financial market of Dubai provides unlimited possibilities in offshore banking field. The keys to success are simple, but crucial: Anonymity, Privacy, Security and Stability. Dubai Banking Advisors guarantee high quality service and reliable assistance with offshore bank account setup.
To deprive you of any doubts these easy steps need to be taken in terms of opening an offshore account in Dubai bank:

- Establishing an offshore company, which is going to be an official account holder, is the key point. In case you open an offshore account as a private individual, you are still obliged to state it in your tax declaration. Since the company is stated as an account holder, you simply have no overseas accounts to report.

- Offshore company is automatically exempted from all taxes and is 100% legal.

- Together with our partners (lawyers, asset managers, business consultants) we can help you set up an offshore company in one of the Emirates free zones within a significantly short period of time Offshore bank accounts provide you with wide range of benefits, such as credit cards, cheques and internet banking, which allows to track banking transactions from all over the world.

Corporate bank account in Dubai If you own a registered Free Zone Company, Dubai Banking Advisors will assist you in corporate bank account opening. Contact us today so that our competent consultants can start preparing an offer, designed to meet all your requirements.

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