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If you need to open an offshore account in Dubai, we can help you. We will take care of the paperwork associated with opening an account as well as providing you with the appropriate banking solution. We offer two types of bank account opening services – one for private clients and another for institutions and corporate clients.

Private Clients. You can open a private bank account with one of our partner-banks even if you don’t have a registered Dubai address. We can take care of providing the necessary personal identification locally using either a Dubai notary or an officer of the partner bank, either in Dubai or in a local branch in your home country.

We offer either the traditional savings accounts or a numbered account or pseudonymous account to protect your privacy. You can transact with us in English, German, Russian, Arabic or French. We will exert every effort to ensure that the opening is done within one to two weeks.

Companies and Institution. For company bank accounts, we will guide you through the entire process of opening an account, since you will have to travel to Dubai to do so. We will advise you as to the documents necessary to complete the Compliance and Due Diligence process. Our Banking Advisory Team will supervise the process and intervene if necessary to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We offer Swiss Levels of assistance for Private Banking services. Contact us now so that we can discuss how to start the process of opening your Dubai bank account.

Contact us today for your bank account opening.

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